Ayesha Kapadia – Aesthetician & Artisan

Ayesha is a melange of many talents. Graphic designer, animator, painter, typographer, jewelry maker, poet and a closet singer.. it’s a pretty exhaustive list. She has a unique multidisciplinary approach to everything she does and we’ve been admirers of her work for a while.

The only way to describe Ayesha Kapadia’s work is by the words ‘Maverick soul’ Her name is also synonymous with Kometjuice; which is something like her pseudo identity and extends itself to becoming her brand or label.

Here is what we like about her work- it always makes you curious. its dynamic, multifarious, and most often evokes a strong emotional response.. you either love it or hate it!
Ayesha Kapadia-05 (1)

We asked Ayesha what inspires her artistry and this is what she had to say:

I draw inspiration from a mix of everyday things and learnings and past experiences . The evolution of thought and conversations, pickle and lime, flowers and bees, glitter and sunlight. Words… lots of words. Noses. Lips. Eyes. Hands. Stars. My Moon. Clouds.
Everything and nothing.
Sometimes it’s the void. Mostly the void, really. The very fact that it births within it the ‘new’.  An experiment. An idea. And sometimes to just be. Like a sneeze. It’s just how I react to life that’s constantly happening.

To feed your curiosity, her work links are all inserted above.
Also don’t miss the unique jewelry styling of her ‘earpops’ on aneyefor.com here

3 thoughts on “Ayesha Kapadia – Aesthetician & Artisan

  1. Riya says:

    Ayesha’s work always gets you thinking. I love it. I’m always eager to see more of it!
    Also, her singing needs to come out of the closet now. She’s that good.

    Liked by 1 person

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