Ayesha Kapadia – Aesthetician & Artisan

Ayesha is a melange of many talents. Graphic designer, animator, painter, typographer, jewelry maker, poet and a closet singer.. it’s a pretty exhaustive list. She has a unique multidisciplinary approach to everything she does and we’ve been admirers of her work for a while.

The only way to describe Ayesha Kapadia’s work is by the words ‘Maverick soul’ Her name is also synonymous with Kometjuice; which is something like her pseudo identity and extends itself to becoming her brand or label.

Here is what we like about her work- it always makes you curious. its dynamic, multifarious, and most often evokes a strong emotional response.. you either love it or hate it!
Ayesha Kapadia-05 (1)

We asked Ayesha what inspires her artistry and this is what she had to say:

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Pranita Kocharekar – Typography . Illustration . Graphic Design

Until the next time-02 Well…. when I got thinking I realised that I don’t remember the last time I got a thank-you or sorry card?! Do you?! Where are the days of hand written notes gone?! Has the world forgotten these little gestures that always did bring a smile on our face?!
Until Next Time – are the most amazing Palm sized cards by Pranita Kocharekar From cute love notes to comforting and inspiring messages, Until Next Time has cards to make your family, friends and even strangers feel better!
What MMT loves most are the thank-you-for-your-service cards that can be gifted to the under-appreciated people like bus/cab drivers, watchmen, janitors, or waiters. Its a small initiative but a great one indeed – So lets make the world a warmer and friendlier place!

Pranita is an artist based in mumbai specializing in typography, illustration, graphic design. Amaze yourself with all her art on  her behance portfolio (linked in this post to her name) or lookout for her maybe gazing at the moon, the starts and the sea somewhere in the city!

P.S.: My husband is in for an everyday surprise card until the next few days – these little cards actually convey everything I missed out saying to him. True Story!

Omkar Mahashabde : Illustrator . Concept Artist . Graphic Designer |Inspiration|

Omkar Mahashabde_Caricatures

We met Omkar at the Screen Printing workshop at Space118 and glad that we did. His illustrations truly speak for him – Effortless! Its seldom that an artist is so smooth both on paper and digital medium – one needs to view more of his work on his blog ‘illustrations design and me’ to understand why we have summed it up in just a word. He is that guy who has revealed what is said never to be revealed….. his TooL KiT…. and thats why we like him so much – effortless and fearless!

Omkar Mahashabde_daily doodles

P.S. My personal favorite is the caricature of Maximus. Also we have this “man with glasses and beard” cartoon personally signed by him… soon to adorn the walls of the MMT office! Yeahhh!!!!

Omkar Mahashabde_Illustrator