Roanna Fernandes- Writer. Illustrator

A writer and illustrator from Bombay and the girl behind jupiter skye. If I had to describe Roanna as a person in 3 words they would be C.U.T.E + F.R.I.E.N.D.L.Y + C.O.L.O.U.R.F.U.L  and this about her is perfectly depicted through most of her illustrations. Everytime I view her work it instantly reminds me of my precious childhood memories filled with an obsession for stickers!! Some of my favorite works by her are…

3f7a1d52772b7c71450d5b345a25763d 7ba2ecaa05c4ae683ac6959c66ebd825Artwork from a series for a feature on health drinks for STRUT120 6cb5afd8ad29a5484b8c45dfe98f17a3A Logo and Packaging Design

08f24924c6b640cbfebc22f209594031Illustration for THE JUICE magazine by JABONG

You can view her complete portfolio ‘here’ She has also recently launched the’ The Jupiter Skye Shop’ that showcases a variety of items made by her that are up for grabs! Ranging from beachie jewelry to greeting cards and ornaments to stickers!! (yaay!)

We asked Roanna:  what inspires her artistry? And what is especially inspiring her these days? And this is what she had to say ”Colours, objects, patterns…People! What they wear and/ or do…I note ideas down on my phone, make lists and work on things I am inspired by at the time. At the moment, I am besotted with the Grand Budapest Hotel. Its colours and typefaces, and costumes + sets.. the details are so fine.”

And For those of you who have not seen the film- it truly is a work of art and inspiring in so many ways; we absolutely agree with you on this one Roanna! 🙂

Pranita Kocharekar – Typography . Illustration . Graphic Design

Until the next time-02 Well…. when I got thinking I realised that I don’t remember the last time I got a thank-you or sorry card?! Do you?! Where are the days of hand written notes gone?! Has the world forgotten these little gestures that always did bring a smile on our face?!
Until Next Time – are the most amazing Palm sized cards by Pranita Kocharekar From cute love notes to comforting and inspiring messages, Until Next Time has cards to make your family, friends and even strangers feel better!
What MMT loves most are the thank-you-for-your-service cards that can be gifted to the under-appreciated people like bus/cab drivers, watchmen, janitors, or waiters. Its a small initiative but a great one indeed – So lets make the world a warmer and friendlier place!

Pranita is an artist based in mumbai specializing in typography, illustration, graphic design. Amaze yourself with all her art on  her behance portfolio (linked in this post to her name) or lookout for her maybe gazing at the moon, the starts and the sea somewhere in the city!

P.S.: My husband is in for an everyday surprise card until the next few days – these little cards actually convey everything I missed out saying to him. True Story!