Working in a Nutshell | Edit #1 | Many Many Things for Like Minded People | Style Files

Commercial spaces are always at a premium and meetings in cafes/ bars dig steep – we are in the growing times of limited spaces and work expansions – ¬†but is this some new phenomenon? Nope! We just gotta learn to live with all of this uncompromisingly and in vogue ūüėČ

Space – 550 Sq feet – Working in a Nutshell | Edit #1

| manymanythings for Like Minded People | is our first ever collaboration – Yeah! – Interiors for a broadcasting and media production house who rightly calls itself¬†Like Minded People¬†and we would have not taken this project up or pulled it off if not for the director / founder¬†/ main mad like minded man¬†Piyush Raghani.¬†Thankyou! We totally love you! ūüėõ

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Studio SCD | The Source

One thing that pinches me more than anything else is how people spring for and spend on clothes and accessories so easily but a furniture piece, textile or house accent suddenly doesn’t fit the bill! The later may in-fact cost lesser in many cases.¬†

Look at it with a more pragmatic matter-of-fact way,¬†people are willing to take risks on their bodies more than they are for their home.” she says

And true that! People surely do invest¬†more on being in vogue than they do¬†to decorate their homes. But doesn’t your home speak of you just as much?! Well well……we aren’t going to discuss people or philosophies here, we belong to that side of the world where one tassel hanging from the cushioned chair is a treat to the eye and for who the rivets and ¬†nails¬†too need to be plated to match the detail of the intended mood. And before you think otherwise, the world I am talking about is the one where your home and what you come back to everyday ¬†needs to break the mundane and yet fit in as much.

Studio SCD-05

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