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In our recent visit to The Vintage Garden Exhibition we came across a couple of lovely Doctors! Sitting besides a cute little garden like set-up exhibiting all kinds of  terrariums, suspended kokedama and very rustic looking dream-catchers.
Meet:  Dr. Abhijit Varpe (Founder) and  Dr. Esha Varpe (Director) of Copper Brains: Which is a  brilliant green-hearted initiative towards educating and exploring the possibilities of combining nature with art.

Copper Brains_1-06

Being the nature freak that I am, I couldn’t resist wanting to know more about who they were and what they do; CoppeR BrainS was established in an attempt to develop a niche where garden elements marry an art form that can be brought into our homes and add life and beauty in our living spaces.

What we LOVE about them is the passion that’s put in right from research to development and the sharing and caring involved!

They also organize a bunch of very interesting workshops! And maintain a blog where you can find all sorts of information about terrariums and their history and other unique  gardening techniques.

Copper Brains_3-07

2 thoughts on “CoppeR BrainS |The Source|

  1. Dr. Esha A. Varpe says:

    Zainab your little something about us is really sweet. Very neat and precisely put i love what and how you have written your blog. Thank you so much for an amazing piece on us and we really appreciate your effort. Kudos on your lovely blog too!! Wish you all the best in your ventures and hope you write about us wherever you can. needless to say we will be sharing it a lotttt 🙂
    Dr. Esha A. Varpe
    Copper Brains

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