A Live Cinematic Experience in Town.

I have reached a phase in life where I am actively curating my individual experiences. Maybe its got to do with learning how to be more mindful or maybe growing up in the city makes it easy, to get over saturated with too much too soon, leaving you with wanting more riveting, unique happenings.

One such event I attended was Last night! A silent movie screening accompanied by a band, giving it a live score. In one word it was OUTSTANDING. Exceeded my expectations, and here’s why-

1. The what |
‘Dreaming in Colour’ was an event orchestrated by Krish Makhija from Mosambi Juice Productions. Who curated and brought this concept of a silent movie screening, accompanied by a band giving it a live score, adding different dimensions to each film. If you are not already sold just by the idea of it (like I was) – there’s more!


2. Why |
Being inspired by the bizarre nature of story telling in early cinema, Krish curated a set of short films by world famous directors like Meliés, Gaston Velle and the Lumiere Brothers, to create a journey into the (almost) outlandish evolution of cinema and it’s tryst with colour.
These are the four early silent films watched with a live musical score :
– L’album Merveilleux (1905) – Gaston Velle
– Cendrillon ou La pantoufle merveilleuse (1912) – George Méliès
– Le Voyage Dans la Lun (1902) – George Méliès
– Le Dirigeable Fantastique (1905) – George Méliès

A still from Cinderella (1912) directed by Georges Méliès. I call this one ‘The clock strikes xii’ 

3. Who |
The Star Band of ultra talented musicians consisted of – Rohan Rajadhyaksha, Tajdar Junaid, Ajay Jayanthi, Abhinav Khokhar, Ankit Dayal, and Viraj Saxena. Who received a loud and much deserved round of applause after each film. Lets not forget to mention it was a completely original score that was painstakingly well compiled, in a very short period of time.
Who knew watching a silent film could be this entertaining!! (Full 5 stars)


4. Where |
This took place at one of my favourite stores in the city- Magnolia. (yeah, it’s a furniture store!! ) Magnolia is a family run company made up of a small group of super enthusiastic people. They thought it wise to branch out into hosting different cultural events for people. One such occasion was an exhibition of unique objects, and artifacts from the personal collection of High Court solicitor Rajan Jayakar, who has been collecting since over fifty years. What a treat it was for us antique lovers!
The stage was set bang in the centre of the store, with a huge projector screen and the live band was set up somewhere in between a four poster bed, and a beautiful mirrored console table. I am pleased to say the band was so tight, and sound quality was awesome.


we were all given a clipping of an old film strip to take home from the event- its the little details that make for a great experience.

I got a chance to ask the team at Magnolia about their challenges in planning an event like this, and what they hoped the audience would take home from this experience.

“Trying to turn a primarily retail store into a
viewing space was difficult. We still wanted to retain the space as a store and showcase Magnolia. Apart from that, being confident enough to host so many people was very challenging. However, the response was quite overwhelming and we’re so glad it all worked out.”
5. The Take Away:
“A restored faith in cinema. Also the fact that art and culture is no more restricted to gallery or performance spaces.”

I certainly enjoyed myself thoroughly – This was a memorable one. And I hope it fueled up everyone’s imagination and pursuits. Until the next time!

The glass people- KGPW |source|

I never really thought about my father’s business until recently. Growing up, being constantly surrounded by it never gave me an outsiders perspective of how interesting it really was!
So today let me introduce you to KHOZEM GLASS PROCESSING WORKS – named affectionately by my grandfather with its popular tagline ‘The Glass People‘ – just about broad enough to cover all the incredible art glass designing they specialise in.

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SCreEn PrIntIng |The Source|

I keep asking my workers, crafters, artists, this one question and often its just a greeting………. “Khush ho?” (Are you happy???) …….. the man/ woman smiles…….. surprised and shy most of the time, happy by the gesture itself sometimes and at other times back with a story in his/her life – the stories are the best! These guys have much to share and those smiles – content –  rather contagious and one of the reasons that I just love to chat up with them creators, the men/women who truly believe in their contributions to whatever big or little they do – they are happy and more than that – proud, something that I always have to remind myself off, strangely!

Ever thought about this – the people and businesses that a creative supports also supports them. It needs to co-exist like a demand and supply chart, its use needs to progress and develop not only in availability but in education and awareness as well and only then can an art form and its representative artistry stay alive. I feel elated that the digital world could never take away from this 2000 year old form of printing  – Screen Printing.

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The Source | Bombay Paperie

Walk in to gape at the massive antique wooden table right in the centre with all paper products on display – as if it were an island on its own; stacks of paper lined on the sides and graded by colour – as if gazing at a rainbow so near;  colonial architecture holding various exhibits of paper and paper products – as if to belong together; further in (by this time I have already decided my favourite spot) to the back and then to the corner is a dedicated section flaunting images of the craftsmen at the mill, their work in progress and a showcase of the different processes in the making of the paper – as if inside a museum making a connection felt through the story they are trying to tell —- Bombay Paperie – where paper is made without cutting trees and sold planting just love.

bombay paperie-02

bombay paperie-05

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More than just clay- MITTY |Source|

“My inclination is more towards teaching people and its more about my hobby and interest rather than the sale.”

For any history student – like me, the first connection you will probably make when you come across shelves of unglazed earthenware and hand sculpted art pieces are the chapters on the Indus Valley and Harappan civilisations! and then start to think about how ancient the traditional craft of pottery is… what its roots are? how has it evolved over the years? why we don’t come across enough people who practice/teach it?….and how it is the most underrated art form!!

Mitty_the spinning wheel-01

#DidYouKnow taking up pottery has numerous benefits? Other than being a wonderful creative outlet there are dozens of physical and mental advantages from expressing oneself by creating something that requires full concentration and focus on the activity itself. It helps with the sensory development and motor skills for the young and is beneficial to those prone to arthritis in the hands as it promotes joint movement and dexterity. Pottery also works as a super de-stress agent and is often described as being therapeutic and relaxing…….

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