We are dreamers and believers

Dhara Jain

Zainab Badani

We are primarily space stylists and love our city, our country and the fact that it has always been abundant with artistic ingenuity, traditional styles and aesthetics that – it’s rather shocking people don’t know much of it!
This blog started out in 2015 as a platform for sharing and showcasing what we know and learn in the process. How we see the many many things be it designs, art, artists, vendors, go-getters….. the old and the new…all that has just been hiding away in the incredible India that it is!!

Ideal scenario:
We should have been born in the 60’s or the 50’s. The blooming days of colour, tinting films, all things retro and deco, prints and patterns, advertisements, jukebox music – oh! Just the appreciation for it all… we really dig those days and styles. But maybe fate had a different plan and we became the 80’s girls! Well it’s done, can’t change that. And we do love bits of the new age too…forecasts and shade-cards, sleek – clean – edgy products, a dash of fluorescent, revival of art and eras, street styles, smart phones and all the technology buzz.

Point is that beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder, and to our eyes many things and many people are beautiful!

Its our passion to bring this together- we create, we curate and we inspire.

Interested in working with us by content collaborations on the blog?
Contact us on reach.manymanythings@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Tanishqa Jagtap says:

    I am a student of Retail and Exhibition Design discipline from MIT Institute of Design. I am currently in my 3rd year, 6th semester.

    I would like to take this opportunity to work under you for my 6 week summer internship I believe that the courses that I have worked on in MIT, will help me work efficiently for your firm. I have worked on projects related to space transformation, visual merchandising, etc. throughout my courses.

    Please have a look at my resume and few of my projects on Behance. The link to my profile is http://be.net/tanishqaj708e


  2. Krishna Patel says:

    This is Krishna
    So, I have a diploma in Interior Design and have also completed a three-month internship. My passion is set design, and I want to work in this industry for the same.
    I’m eagerly wanting to learn and grow in the field. Although I have not gained much experience, but my maturity, practical experience and eagerness to enter the industry will make me an excellent production designer. I would love to begin my career with your team and, I am confident that I would be a beneficial addition to your team.


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