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One thing that pinches me more than anything else is how people spring for and spend on clothes and accessories so easily but a furniture piece, textile or house accent suddenly doesn’t fit the bill! The later may in-fact cost lesser in many cases. 

Look at it with a more pragmatic matter-of-fact way, people are willing to take risks on their bodies more than they are for their home.” she says

And true that! People surely do invest more on being in vogue than they do to decorate their homes. But doesn’t your home speak of you just as much?! Well well……we aren’t going to discuss people or philosophies here, we belong to that side of the world where one tassel hanging from the cushioned chair is a treat to the eye and for who the rivets and  nails too need to be plated to match the detail of the intended mood. And before you think otherwise, the world I am talking about is the one where your home and what you come back to everyday  needs to break the mundane and yet fit in as much.

Studio SCD-05

I like the metal and l like the wood, I like flowers as much as I like screws, I want the stripes and maybe I’d like them to shine and I would like the edgy but with smooth on the sides, just like I want bold with all love abode! Yes! Just like this and that, there are many who think like me and for those alike there is someone we know today who helps make our world better for us – she is well versed with fashion needs and recognising our decor wants – a Fashion Designer turned Fashion Editor and now running an Interior and Product Design brand tucked pleasantly in the historical and arty lanes of Kala Ghoda, Mumbai – Shafali Choudhrie Diwan for Studio SCD, marrying functionality, aesthetics and style since 2002!

Studio SCD-09

Flower Power chairs upcycled teak with steel inserts and wood_steel flowers| manymanythings_studioscd

Love is knowing that being different is precious…. accept the edges of another instead of rounding them off. Conforming is never the answer” she says and we concur.

What does Studio SCD do?

I would go to them for what they already have to offer – products and pieces constructed around a modern fusion of natural wood, sleek metal and new age upscaled surface elements – Industrial Chic which is not rustic or distressed or what we see everywhere these days but where the material mix defines and becomes the design itself. Howbeit, Studio SCD is a boutique Interior Design Consultancy and Store.

Studio SCD-07

Devil in the details | Left: Felt flowers on upscaled teak, Center: EDIDA lighting award winner_ElleDecor, Right : Steel on wood and felt flowers on the flower power chair| manymanythings_studioscd

What MMT finds most attracting is the option you have in the various ways and reasons to hire the studio apart from obtaining full interior design consultations –

Shafali has pioneered the concept of ‘Interiors in a Box,’ simplifying and demystifying the interior design process for her clients. In the ‘box’, a client receives unique, detailed conceptual plans with samples of paint, upholstery, wallpaper, veneers and finishes, based on their brief. 

If a space doesn’t need a complete overhaul, StudioSCD provides a ‘refresher‘ that changes the interiors of the space and helps the client achieve a dramatic change through a surface revamp. They help to edit, add and rearrange furniture, art and artefacts, change colour through wall decor/wall finishes and fabric to bring about soft yet striking changes to any interiors.

Studio SCD-06

Left and Top Right: Disc side tables, leggy and light. Solid pine wood with Statuario marble tops | Bottom Right: Metallic embroidered poof | manymanythings_studioscd

Studio SCD – The Store:

To supplement the designing process, StudioSCD also functions as Shafali’s design store, which offers special-edition statement pieces ranging from furniture to lighting; decorative cushions and more. What we groove on are the surface ornamentation details to an otherwise classic piece and hints of masculine specifics on the textiles which are definitely rare.

Studio SCD-11

Assorted cushions in linen, men’s wear fabric and neoprene | Striped angled chair in glossy paint, with jute and neoprene cushions | manymanythings_studioscd

Bespoke wall décor treatments such as metal paneling, custom concrete tiles, and hand-painted wallpaper are also a delight. These are to find their home in cozy dens, clubs, stores, restaurants and hotels. Though my soft corner will always be for things that have past stories_not many would know that the Gulmarg hand painted wallpaper (picture below) is art from Shafali’s mother – a ode to memories from her childhood summers in Kashmir and so impactful, perfect for a feature wall or a warm nook.

Ever since then, flowers have meant a lot more to me than just beauty. For me, they’re a symbol of strength in softness – what a woman should be.she says and we want to look at things as she.

Studio SCD-01

Wall Panels_beated brass, wood, marble, rope, metal sheets and wood| Gulmarg handpainted wall paper – a true special | manymanythings_studioscd

Studio SCD-03

Old school mouldings move from ceiling to walls as design elements | Wallpaper design hand painted in watercolour and abstracted into modern hexagonal patterns | manymanythings_studioscd

More of what you can fall for and totally heart instantly are the metal and wooden alphabets – glowing with bulbs, fixed on furniture, bandaged together, standing as bookends or just as decor for your wall!

Studio SCD-10

High grade brushed steel and solid teakwood alphabets | manymanythings_studioscd

And MMT’s most admired and desired is the vintage umbrella ♥♥♥

Studio SCD-08


Shafali’s design philosophy is greatly inspired by the interplay of materials and textures – solid wood, humble plywood, coarse MS (mild steel), flamboyant steel, cool stone and coarse concrete all find a harmonious coexistence within her product range.  The aim is to retain and enhance the essence of the materials used to make a product. 

Studio SCD-12

Left: Slices (metal and raw wood with a clear, protective coating) . Modernist tables (metal with glossy paint) | manymanythings_studioscd

Soon to be launching is a range of fashion accessories, which will include quirky footwear, whimsical clothing, and a range of clutches and totes. We are eagerly looking forward to the new designs and so should you. Until then the below should tease you!

Studio SCD-02

Top Right: Email Italian-grained, hand-stitched leather with metal fringing and solid teakwood clasp with magnetic closure clutch . Bottom Right: Mojaries . Bottom Center: Leather Tassels – Small | manymanythings_studioscd

Studio SCD-04

The desk of Shafali Choudhrie Diwanji: this is where it all begins | manymanythings_studioscd

P.S. Follow Studio SCD on their instagram portal here to get great tips and hacks on what, where and how to handle your home decor!

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    • ManyManyThings says:

      Dear Gautam
      Please get in touch with studio SCD (link in the post) for the same. We from manymanythings are soon to launch some smaller furniture pieces and products and will send you details for the same. Happy that you like studio scd’s range and through our post we could bring you together


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