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I never really thought about my father’s business until recently. Growing up, being constantly surrounded by it never gave me an outsiders perspective of how interesting it really was!
So today let me introduce you to KHOZEM GLASS PROCESSING WORKS – named affectionately by my grandfather with its popular tagline ‘The Glass People‘ – just about broad enough to cover all the incredible art glass designing they specialise in.

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Wondering what exactly this art glass design is?! Well, it would be interesting to know that the glass world is a small one but there are many blurry lines and merging paths given the different varieties of types of work in glass and the differences in each variety that are rather difficult to deduce.
For example there is 1.) Glass Art – this refers to large and modern works of art, typically one of a kind which are substantially or wholly made of glass and more likely to be exhibited in public spaces than in homes. Then there is
2.) Studio Glass / Glass sculptures – modern use of glass as an artistic medium to produce sculptures or 3D artworks intended to make a decorative statement. And finally
3.) Art Glass – essentially an item or product that is made for decoration but also for purpose from glass that is worked into a form aesthetically pleasing to the eye. (and yes! I had to wikipedia it myself because no one else is as good at simplifying a term as this search engine)

Now, KGPW falls under the manufacturing and processing design category, dealing mainly in Art Glass type works as well as creating one-off Glass Art pieces. This is what they pride themselves in – quality and innovative designs.

Those who are architects and interior designers here are probably already familiar with the various techniques of art glass manufacturing – stained glass to blown glass, kiln formed to sand blasting and the copper foil technique complimented with a range of art glass decorating techniques via colour, texture, surface options widely used for many space enhancement purposes. For the others let me take your through some images better showcasing this range.

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Not long after walking through the doors of Khozem Glass, you realise you’re in a glass museum. Every inch of the workshop, showroom and office space is littered with showpieces and samples. Every corner and every wall has something to show off! Be it bend glass murals or blown glass sculptures, mirrors that range from antique to modern geometric designs and samples of back painted glass, etching, cut-out, stain glass etc. stacked across the walls. There are days when you need to watch your step, and your back and perhaps even your head! 😛 Just kidding – though it surely was a legit fear of mine as a kid…

Coming back to business – what is beneficial and a great add on for Khozen Glass is having the main office, showroom and workshop areas like the bhatti, dhar polishing, sandblasting, colouring units all next door to each other – an easy one stop visit for customisations and immediate purchases.

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Some of MMT’s favourite items and glass products at KGPW are the
– Decorative, venetian and antique glass mirrors in etched, cut-out and bevelled designs available in all shapes and sizes.
– Tiffany Lamps that are made using the copper foil method by soldering edges together, each one handmade by skilled craftsmen and is not mass-produced.
#didyouknow the term ‘Tiffany Lamps’ was coined due to Louis Comfort Tiffany Design Studio’s dominant influence in making stained leaded glass lamps.?!? The first Tiffany lamp was created in 1895 and still remains a beauty to behold.
– Glass Furniture which includes bend glass chairs, benches, coffee tables, mirror clad consoles, dressing uints etc., achieved via first making a mold and then heating in furnace and shaping.

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Every piece of work is testament to the high artisanship and its an honour and real privilege to be able to experience this world through my father’s eyes.

Ps: Brownie points to Karan Khosla for the lovely cover photo!

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