A treasure trove of nautical antiques- The Hesperus |Source|

Since ‘Many Many Things’ is on a mission to reveal the best kept secret sources for all things design and art related.. it’s our pleasure to shine some light on this great old source.

Personification of the evening star; Venus- ‘The Hesperus‘ is owned by Mr. Saifee Jarwala and son Abbas who take great pride in their carefully selected nautical products that are salvaged from decommissioned sea vessels and collected over time. They stock a wide range of truly exquisite articles like ship lights, industrial lights, sextants, compasses, portholes, engine order telegraphs, vintage phones, lamps, classic clocks, telescopes, nautical paintings and many other interesting marine antiques.


At Hesperus you can easily expect to react in words like ‘ ooo what is THAT?? And WOW.. how interesting!  – its close to being on a treasure hunt! I still remember the experience of walking into their Chor-Bazaar (Mutton Street) shop years ago for the very first time – a small space for the amount of wealth it holds and everything I laid my eyes on was nearly alien to me yet so fascinating, I had to know where it came from and what it was used for!





Hesperus-03Huseini Lakda Bazaar at Bombay Central is where the new bigger, better Hesperus showroom has been setup and adorned with beautiful art deco and industrial lights, antique furniture, and nautical décor pieces. It has only been a couple of years since this expansion and My! they have grown and how.

In a recent visit to their showroom I could barely see any blank space on the walls or ceiling! Their 3 story warehouse is an incredible sight of layers and layers, bundle and bundles, piles upon piles of nautical wealth and the range of  LIGHTS – which is slowly becoming their forte; making new replicas of old antiques and designing new variations of Deco lamps, creating stylish and trendy jar lights and birdcage chandeliers as well!




There is always something new cooking at the Hesperus headquarters…Abbas gave some very exclusive news about future plans in the making, where they hope to set up an outlet in Dubai soon!

Well.. we surely have The Hesperus on our top shop stops – a bigger cruise in making -and Abbas as our SOS man – thanking him always!

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