Event Decor Design – Tanvi Gupta |Inspiration|

A massive open ground, abundance of ideas, limited resources, NO TIME – the story of an event decor designer’s life.

To be frank, I relate to this and literally live it everyday but there is a small but significant difference i.e. of ‘control’ which a production designer/ space stylist enjoys and an event decor designer often doesn’t. Control that clearly dictates a ‘rule’ over all others on a film set; that except for the design team NO ONE TOUCHES A THING. PERIOD! (of-course excluding the actors that need to interact with the given environment ;)). I can only imagine myself giving threatening and hostile looks to the crowd if something gets displaced from where its supposed to be. However, this ‘rule’ absolutely cannot apply to event designing which is wholly based on an interaction with the audience. Interaction with signage and directions, seating and movement, spaces and scenic elements.

Having explained this… Did you go visit ‘The Lil Flea‘ on their 1st anniversary event held at Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) by Mumbai Mirror, in Mumbai (Bombay) over the weekend?!?!
And did you notice all the play with those big alphabet cutouts, floral swings, pretty hanging cane and net lights, bamboo shade square umbrellas, pathways created by many colored fabrics, curtains bordered with woolen tassels, and all the entrances made with collages of fabric attached to household utensils and the likes?? ….If you din’t…. scroll down to see some photos 🙂
Zeb and I were all smiles to see how these little interactions in the space made people so happy, they were designed to not only perform a function but also form the perfect looking backdrop for their photographs. We think it was a great show put together by the decor team which was headed by a dear friend Tanvi Gupta; who in my book is a complete go-getter!

The Lil Flea_day-04 The Lil Flea_night-05

Tanvi doesn’t have a personal website nor does she write a blog, but not to worry because she isn’t difficult to find. She owns and operates the ‘Bohemyan Blue‘ cafe and design store in Alibaug and started with curating small events at the cafe itself; which is a beautifully designed place and deserves a weekend getaway if you already haven’t been there.

“Bohem(y)an means boundlessness. We try and find art in all our creations, be it food, furniture or clothes. We wander to find and create things and spaces that are unconventional. Adventure inspires us” – Tanvi Gupta

Boundless and adventurous – that is what also got her to take up a bigger challenge at the start of the year while organizing and designing the ‘Nariyal Paani‘ music festival  – an intimate, experiential fest that helped in showcasing Alibaug’s local products, natural beauty and food; with a minimal decor that rightly fit in with the atmosphere. I absolutely loved the coconut (nariyal) shell light cluster and the live-art installations on rocks and boats by Jai Ranjit and Nihariekka Lohia. Interactive and very Inspiring.

Nariyal Paani_1-06 Nariyal Paani_2-07 Nariyal Paani_3-08

2 thoughts on “Event Decor Design – Tanvi Gupta |Inspiration|

  1. Roanna Fernandes says:

    The Lil Flea is an adorable space; and a very colourful environment to be a part of… So I visited the market for the very first time when they held it at the BKC grounds, and I was very fascinated. Of course, I was more excited to visit all the stalls, and pick up souvenirs, but the decorating was just too, too lovely. Very floral, retro and I don’t know, just LOVE…

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