Fine handworked linen for the home: DIT STORE |SOURCE|

“Has this shop always been here?!” I mumbled while trying to recall as I walked into the small, quaint store. Looking at all the exquisite linen products, i felt like i was stepping into my grandmother’s cherished linen closet, not a store at Colaba causeway. I have spent a large chunk of my college days roaming around causeway making it my second home and having wonderful memories with friends, food and shopping at every corner!  So imagine my surprise when I was recommended this store by colleagues (while working on a film) who are not even originally from this city… it is one of the things I value most about what we do, sourcing these fine old gems everywhere we go.

DIT was established in 1942 by Mrs. Josephine Mendes who began her career as a seamstress at the store and managed it all the way through her 90’s! why call it DIT? “Well it was mom’s pet name ” explains her son Frank who now runs things here. He was a commercial pilot back in the day and swooped in to help Mrs Mendes at the shop when things at home started to go south.  Mr.Frank loves reminiscing about the old days.. talking about everything from his friends and family, to his travels around the world and how fabulously his mother used to dress up the store windows.

dit-05 dit-06

Visually the shop is very understated with only a few masterpieces on display hung casually on panels behind the counter. But the variety of elegant hand-worked linens here are not easy to find anywhere else in the city. “There are no machine worked items here” says Mr.Frank “All hand done embroidery, cut-work, cross stitch, shadow work, punch work, tatting…” and the list goes on. The products range from old fashioned runners, tablecloths, dressing table sets, kettle holders, pelmet covers, cocktail napkins, luncheon sets and bed covers to trendy drip mats, sandwich covers, tray cloths, handkerchiefs, hand towels, doilies, coasters and teapoy covers.




Our favorites are the Venetian lace products that are said to last a 100 years. And the assortment of delicate laces.. so so pretty!

dit-03 dit-07

I picked up a lovely sandwich cover for my grandmas birthday coming next week…and i am certain she will adore it! We suggest this to all you folks out there, go check out DIT… move beyond the mall culture and pick something special for your moms this mother’s day 🙂 help re-discover these gems hidden around our city that are starting to lose their luster.
Little MMT advice: Good linens are to a home what accessories are to an outfit!


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